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Frequently Asked Questions

"I have a small business with pretty normal accounting needs.  What can I expect to spend per month with JFS?"

After a brief period of familiarization with you and your company in the first few weeks, it generally takes two to three hours per week to keep your books clean and up to date.

"I want to be involved with my finances, but I need help.  Can we do this 'together'?"

Absolutely!  I prefer to use QuickBooks Online so that you have complete access to your books at any time, day or night.  And I'd be honored to teach you the ropes!

"I want to be able to spend my time and energy on sales and marketing to grow my business.  If I just hand over the reins, am I going to regret it?"

No, not at all.  My services are completely customizable to allow business owners like you the freedom to focus on other aspects of the business.  I can operate independently, as your controller, or with your oversight, as your accountant and bookkeeper, or as a mix of both.  

"Can you file my taxes too?"

The tax code is extremely complicated and everchanging so in order to comfortably offer tax accountant services I would have to stop providing any others.  While I do not file tax returns I will provide an organized, complete packet of information to your tax accountant for quick and easy filing. 

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